FB-1™ 口罩


Red Mask

FB-1™ 口罩与英国消防服务的圣奥斯特尔手表共同设计出品,是消防员的选择。


现在,FB-1™ 防尘口罩向全世界的消防员们提供着保护。在消防作业中,如果有理由怀疑周围空气可能受某种不可见的颗粒粉尘污染,但其严重程度又不至于启用专门的呼吸装备时,该款滤棉可以确保消防人员不受粉尘伤害。

FB-1™ 口罩及其滤棉的设计和制造符合 EN149 (欧洲过滤口罩组件标准),并能够过滤可吸入亚微米颗粒物。


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  • Hepa 滤棉能够过滤:
  • 可吸入颗粒物(PM1),例如
  • 柴油颗粒物
  • 含碳颗粒物
  • 花粉
  • 致敏和不致敏灰尘
  • 两枚Techno™ 呼气阀片能够散出CO₂,热量和水蒸气
  • 三种尺寸- 确保面部贴合
  • 简单低调 - 可用于其他特定的PPE
  • 由阻燃的氯丁橡胶制成
  • 适用于高温和低温环境
  • B.A.未指明的存在颗粒物威胁的任何环境.
  • 森林火灾
  • 操作油泵

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The FB-1 mask with the chemical/particle filter is literally a lifesaver.  I work in a boiler shop as a code welder and have for 38 years.  The continual exposure to toxic welding gases has impacted my health and the quality of my lungs.  Thanks to your masks and filters I not only am able to continue full time employment but have also preserved my health.  It was my doctor who originally gave me a catalog with your products and told me it would be the difference between a full life or an early retirement due to decreasing health.  Thank you for a wonderful product and I am living proof of the effectiveness of it’s protective qualities.



I purchased this mask to use for vehicle extrication as a solution to the big bulky dust masks that we carried on our rescue. This product has not failed me yet and is much easier to use than dust masks since it uses a velcro strap making it easy to put on without having to remove your helmet and also with a gloved hand. The product creates a nice tight seal around my face and does not allow any of the glass dust to enter. It has also stood up very well to the rigorous tests of being in my bunker gear pockets. I would recommend this product to anyone. It is hands down on of the best products I have ever used.



My mask, the FB-1 is a good mask, with a few caveats. Although, this can just be due to the shape of my head. The sizing guide seems to be a little off.  I fit the criteria for XL, but the strap seems a bit large? The mask fits good. Except I have a thin nose and I am constantly adjusting the metal clip to prevent my glasses or face shield from fogging up.  Sometimes I can still smell exhaust. I am guessing that is normal though. I think I will try to add a piece of foam to the nose area. That might work to prevent fogging. Actually, due to my face size (or abnormality) I may try to add a strip of foam around the mask to improve the seal.  These are not complaints or negatives. It is a good mask, and Respro is good to do business with. When I commented the metal clip broke, they sent a replacement ASAP!  Maybe a different mask with a plastic self-adjusting clip may work.

RESPRO’NSE: “Our spec for the FB-1 mask has been tried and tested with many firefighters around the globe who have found them very beneficial. Please contact customer services who will check if you are using the correct size mask”


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