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Red Mask

Respro® Nitesight™ 口罩百分百使用Scotchlite™ 和滤棉(动态活性炭织物DACC),能够过滤吸入的汽车尾气中含有的污染物。

Scotchlite™ 皮肤让用户在夜间或者低光条件下引人注目,口罩配有两枚强大的呼气阀片,能够散发多余的热量、CO2和水蒸气。

Nitesight™ 口罩的波形曲线设计让口罩与面容舒适贴合。口罩由低致敏性的氯丁橡胶制成。提供两种尺寸产品。 在这里购买滤棉替换装


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  • 100% Scotchlite™ 材料
  • 动态活性炭织物滤棉(DACC)
  • 两个尺寸:中, 大
  • 两个 Techno™ 呼气阀片
  • 氯丁橡胶材质
  • 可调节的尼龙搭扣
  • 过滤尾气
  • 散发热量和水蒸气
  • 耐用可清洁表面
  • 更贴合面部轮廓,可调节
  • 确保适合成人佩戴
  • 通勤
  • 徒步
  • 城市骑行

不确定你的尺寸吗? 看到我们的选型指南



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I thought my size should be “M”, but when I received the mask I understand that its too small for me and uncomfortable to use. I know that it’s my mistake, therefore I rate it with 5 star. Thank you for fast delivery and perfect communication with help/advice.

RESPRO’NSE:” Danii, as the product is placed on the face, there is a hygiene issue and we cannot re-sell it once the package is open. Next time, check with our customer services team before you buy. They will advise you on the best way to measure your face and head to ensure you buy the correct size mask.”



The product is great. I use it in the Longshoremen industry in the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach. What would really make it an even better product would be to make it a little more airy, quicker air flow while cutting down the diesel particulate matter. The night sight reflection is great for use here because we wear high visibility vests.

RESPRO’NSE: “Why not try our POWA™ Elite Valves with your Nitesight mask? These valves allow for faster airflow and are particularly useful when exercising at high breathing rates or if your work involves physical exertion”.



I absolutely love this mask. Without it I was regularly having asthmatic attacks after my cycling commute, and with it I can breathe comfortably. It’s easy to put on, and easy to clean. Everyone asks about it, which makes it a great conversation starter. I wish I had stock in Respro for the number of times I recommend it to others. The only reason I’m not giving it a 5-star rating is that the little metal nose clip wore out quite quickly. I wish that there were snap-in replacements for it.

RESPRO"NSE: “If a nose clip breaks we will mend or replace the mask for you. Please contact customer services in this instance”


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